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Top employees get large additional stock option grants and extra generous vacation policy

Diagram of a fully configured Unisys ES7000 system, expected to be the first Windows 2000 DataCenter machine supporting greater than eight processors

An overview of hardware capabilities typical of Windows 2000 DataCenter servers, including memory, I/O, and disk storage architecture as well as monitoring / management and hardware partitioning features

XML-related improvements in SQL Server 2000 offer the first available in-depth look at Microsoft's upcoming Next Generation Windows Services application architecture

Diagram shows how SQL Server 2000 could support XML messaging in a hypothetical business-to-business application

Diagrams the three major pieces that provide Web access (i.e., HTTP request and HTTP response) to SQL Server 2000 databases

An overview of new capabilities that make SQL Server 2000 more attractive for storing Web content or documents in knowledge management applications

A tutorial defining Extensible Markup Language (XML), schemas and languages for writing schemas, style sheets and the Extensible Style Sheet Language (XSL), and XPath (a query language for extracting information from XML source documents)

Overview of new application programming features including: cascading deletes and updates, enhanced triggers, Transact-SQL functions, new data types, and the Enhanced Query Analyzer

At WinHEC, Microsoft outlined the release schedule for 64-Bit Windows, Windows 2000 Whistler, and Windows 2000 Embedded