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Microsoft is forging ahead with plans to shift its certified experts to Windows 2000 rapidly, and to tighten up qualification, even if that means fewer experts

Lists the set of tests required by the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) program for Windows 2000 certification and for the older Windows NT 4.0 certification

The online sales courses target resellers, last under 2 hours, and cover key products like Windows 2000 and Office 2000

A number of new PC peripheral hardware devices, games, reference titles, and productivity products are now available

Microsoft Reader will be the preferred format for's planned electronic-book store

Big Huge Games has received an undisclosed investment to develop games for the Xbox

The Enterprise Edition of Microsoft's new database software takes on performance, downtime, and management concerns that have slowed its entry into the data center

Graph summarizes two years' worth of scores on Transaction Processing Council's TPC-C order entry benchmarks for Oracle, SQL Server 2000, and IBM DB2

Distributed Partitioned Views balances load by partitioning a database among multiple machines and sending queries and updates to the machine that holds the affected data

SQL Server 2000 makes many improvements to replication, its service for automatically copying data among database servers