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Comments by Steve Ballmer made at the July 27, 2000 Financial Analyst Meeting

The repurchase program, suspended after the Dec 1999 Visio acquisition in accordance with SEC rules, is resuming

Microsoft has fine-tuned its embedded operating system and development tools to tap a strategic market for dedicated devices like medical monitors and cash registers

Based on Microsoft's internal statistics, MSN properties are the number one worldwide Internet destination for consumers

The eight-page checklist explains how to configure network protocols, and access control lists, log files, and digital certificates with IIS 5

The investment in Blixer gives Microsoft a European testbed for Windows 2000-based software aimed at telcos

A draft specification for a SOAP Discovery protocol and an updated SOAP Toolkit were both recently posted on the Web

This beta is the latest in a series of updates and might be the last before a production version is released in fall 2000

New team collaboration, voice recognition, and other features promise to make the successor to Office 2000 a compelling upgrade

The new Reader software, which was previously supported on handheld devices only, allows PC users to display books distributed in electronic form