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Ordering and pricing details for the Windows CE 3.0 eMbedded Visual Tools, Platform Builder Evaluation Edition, and Platform Builder version upgrade online

An overview of device software and server-side software Microsoft sells to service the embedded and appliance markets

Compaq is the first manufacturer to build a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance powered by a specialized version of Windows 2000

The first in a series of kits lets game designers develop Xbox titles on a PC upgraded with the special hardware

In an effort to blunt AOL's huge lead in instant messaging (IM), Microsoft and other vendors created an industry coalition to promote IM interoperability

In his own words, Rick Belluzzo comments on the three main goals for MSN: simplifying daily tasks, providing access to information and communication, and offering personalized entertainment

Microsoft is swapping out UNIX machines and replacing them with Windows 2000 servers; the migration should be completed in the fall

MSN Messenger 3.0 lets users in the U.S. and Canada make free PC-to-phone calls anywhere within North America; users worldwide can make free PC-to-PC calls

Current MSN Internet Access service customers will be transferred to a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone by the end of the year

Microsoft's Partner Solutions Center is where Microsoft tests its products in complex environments, with the help of large hardware and software companies and alliance partners