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Cloud Video Interop can enable legacy conferencing devices to work with Teams but is an intermediary solution viable only for organizations with large numbers of such devices to migrate to Teams.

Tags: Teams

Stream (Classic), the previous iteration of the Stream video-streaming service that used Azure for storage, will be shut down on Feb. 15, 2024.

A preview of Power BI in-place data sharing option helps external partners, contractors, and vendors access data securely and build their own reports.

Tags: Power BI

Additional Microsoft security services, beyond the Microsoft E5 Security suite and Defender for Cloud offerings, can help secure environments, but bring additional cost.

Three other security services do not necessarily fit anywhere else in Microsoft’s stack.

Roadmap for Dynamics 365 on-premises products

Outline of Microsoft support life-cycle policies, which define how Microsoft software and services are eligible for help desk assistance and other product support from the company, how long support is provided, and what customers must do to qualify for that support.

Azure SQL Database previews an emulator that can help developers create and test databases locally if they can accept the limitations.

Roadmap for BizTalk Server, Microsoft's application integration and business-to-business commerce software.

Roadmap for Microsoft application integration and e-commerce software.