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Power Automate is introducing an option for consumption-based billing, which could lessen the need for user-based plans and help with license compliance.

Chart explains the options for licensing Power Automate, which offers per-user, per-flow, and pay-as-you-go options.

Windows Information Protection (WIP) is no longer under active feature development and will be discontinued in a future version of Windows.

A possibly overhyped service sold as removing the mania of Patch Tuesday is generally available for enterprise customers.

Windows could be the best choice as a development environment because it can be used to develop for most popular platforms.

Azure Cognitive Services, a collection of machine learning cloud services, is removing some facial recognition features and restricting access to other features to support Microsoft’s responsible AI initiative.

Azure Confidential Ledger, a PaaS offering that provides secure blockchain-based ledgers, has reached general availability although pricing details are delayed until Sept. 2022.

SQL Server 2022 improves JSON capabilities to help with complex document-based data; however, there are no plans to be a full-featured document storage solution.

Recent and planned updates to Teams could make Teams webinars “good enough” for many customers, but they lack customization and advanced features required for some customers.

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