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Microsoft will remove newsgroups from its MSN servers, retaining Web-based chat and message boards as alternatives

Microsoft is putting US$385 million in cash into a joint venture with Andersen Consulting

How Microsoft, Avanade, and Andersen Consulting will work together

The Learning Resource iNnterchange (LRN) toolkit outlines an XML-based system for packaging and describing educational content

New announcements about the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) program for Windows 2000 put more pressure on both existing MCSEs and the training budgets of their employers has launched two online bookstores for MCSPs and advanced users of Office

The bundled server and software packages enable organizations to provide basic Windows 2000 training over their networks without needing to learn how to set up a streaming video server

Explains Microsoft's motivation for selling TransPoint, an electronic billing and payment joint venture between Microsoft and First Data Corporation, to CheckFree

In response to litigation and ongoing criticism of Microsoft's workforce practices, temporary contract workers at Microsoft will now be required to take a 100-day break in service after one year at the company

The judge in the Sun Java lawsuit has rejected Microsoft's motion for a summary judgment to allow 'cloning'