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Microsoft posted lower-than-expected revenues and warned that the next quarter will be flat

Compares key financial measurements for the third quarter of fiscal year 1999 through the third quarter of fiscal 2000

The ruling settles one of four major issues of the suit in Microsoft's favor

Zurich American Insurance Inc. says Microsoft's policy does not cover legal fees for the more than 135 class-action suits pending

Microsoft doubles the option package each employee received at their annual review in July 1999

Top employees get large additional stock option grants and extra generous vacation policy

Diagram of a fully configured Unisys ES7000 system, expected to be the first Windows 2000 DataCenter machine supporting greater than eight processors

An overview of hardware capabilities typical of Windows 2000 DataCenter servers, including memory, I/O, and disk storage architecture as well as monitoring / management and hardware partitioning features

XML-related improvements in SQL Server 2000 offer the first available in-depth look at Microsoft's upcoming Next Generation Windows Services application architecture

Diagram shows how SQL Server 2000 could support XML messaging in a hypothetical business-to-business application