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MS has taken an active interest in the application hosting market, with various investments and new programs. But it sees the ASP model as only a prelude to .NET

The recently revealed "bot" is part of Microsoft's intensified campaign to slow piracy over the Internet

The site provides an annotated index to papers on building and managing e-commerce Web sites and applications

The Standard and Deluxe Editions of Microsoft's personal financial management software are shipping

eLabor, a privately-held project management ISV, will engage in joint software development with Microsoft, host Project as an ASP, an receive investment funds from MS and others

The first round of equity financing for the HomeAdvisor joint venture includes contributions from Chase Corp. and GMAC-Residential Funding Corp. (GMAC-RFC)

A summary of the per-user and per-CPU licensing options that Microsoft makes available to application service providers

A summary of Microsoft's own internal "taxonomy" for categorizing application service providers

Diagrams the four major types of companies involved in the application service provider market and how they relate to the end-user

This report explains why e-mail-borne viruses are such a threat, describes trade-offs that organizations must understand and use when formulating plans, and offers specific recommendations that will help them