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Exchange Online customers should check for devices and software that depend on Basic Authentication, which Microsoft plans to shut down starting Oct. 1, 2022.

PowerShell Crescendo, now generally available, enables rapid development of PowerShell cmdlets that wrap existing command-line tools in the PowerShell framework.

Windows 365 point-in-time restore points, in preview, provide automated snapshots of a hosted Cloud PC to aid with recovery in the event of data loss, corruption, malware, or ransomware.

Developers must choose between APIs for Exchange Server and Exchange Online based on mailbox hosting, features, and long-term prospects.

Remote Help, a new add-on capability for Intune, lets administrators connect to a remote Windows device to help a user needing assistance.

SQL Server is retiring Big Data Clusters in early 2025 (along with some PolyBase capabilities); customers should abandon plans to use the features and seek alternative solutions.

Although Subscription Activation provides limited value to organizations today, it may become required as Microsoft pushes organizations to Windows subscription licenses.

Roadmap for Azure Policy.

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Roadmap for Azure Monitor.

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