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Customers have the option to license SQL Server for dev/test in the same manner as they would license production workloads, whether SQL Server is used on-premises or with a hosting provider.

Roadmap for Microsoft's security software products.

Tags: Security

The last Configuration Manager release of 2022 includes several significant bug fixes, but few new features.

Windows 10 and 11 will cost less to license in some virtual desktop infrastructures, but Amazon Web Services, Google, Alibaba, and their customers will not benefit.

Outlines major changes to the Core CAL Suite’s content and pricing.

Outlines major changes to the Enterprise CAL Suite’s content and pricing.

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SQL Server Developer edition is free for development and test use, but organizations should use it carefully.

Sidebar explains high-level licensing requirements to run Windows Server in VMs, regardless of host hypervisor.

Chart explains three options for an EA customer to license Windows Server Datacenter edition for an Azure Stack HCI host.
Include aspect that I have licenses in the back office so save even more.