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Illustration shows a screenshot of Azure Cost Management cost analysis features in preview.

Frequent updates to the Azure Cost Management service give customers new insights on Azure spending and speed access to pertinent cost data.

Planned releases and retirements for Dynamics 365 services and software.

Intel, AMD, ARM, and Amazon Web Services provide different architectures to support confidential computing.

Azure is introducing a series of technologies supporting “confidential computing,” which aims to protect data in memory from attacks.

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows client OS.

Azure SQL Managed Instance expands enterprise management and security controls, removing more barriers to migration.

A new program for Azure Migrate could provide organizations with tools to migrate very large amounts of file data to Azure storage, but it will more likely be an introduction to Azure partner services.

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Chart shows support timelines for various versions of the Enterprise edition of the Windows Client OS, as of Nov. 2021.

Virtualization-based security (VBS) exploits the hypervisor included in Windows to secure the OS by creating a Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) to help protect the device and user credentials.