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Illustration shows a screen shot of Windows 10 Event Viewer, with an event showing Windows Defender Exploit Guard Network Protection blocking access to a malicious site.

Windows 10 Defender Exploit Guard Network Protection protects devices from malware by blocking malicious Internet content.

Some security- and developer-focused features of the Windows client OS require Hyper-V.

Changes to the Windows 10 Windows Insider Program may affect the Windows as a Service policy.

Illustration shows a screen shot of Local Group Policy Snap-in with Edge's mandatory and optional policies.

Organizations can begin centrally managing the new Edge browser.

Chart shows tools that can centrally manage Edge on Windows 10.

Illustration shows a prototype of the Microsoft Surface Neo, which features two displays and will run Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is a Windows 10 variant designed to work on new devices, such as the Surface Neo, that feature a new hybrid-core processor and a dual screen.

Illustration shows a block diagram of Windows 10X, with its isolated containers for applications.