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Baseball 2001, Allegiance, Links LS 2000 10-Course Pack Volume 1, and Streets and Trips 2001 now available

A detailed discussion of key issues to consider: hardware and software compatibility, deployment, ongoing management, licensing, and training

Incremental migration to Windows 2000 means deploying the operating system on individual workstations and workstations and member servers (such as file servers, print servers, and Web servers) without installing Active Directory on the network

Screen shot of the Readiness Analyzer, which checks a machine's hardware and applications for Windows 2000 compatibility

Summary of the five different automated deployment methods available for Windows 2000 Professional

Two European programmers consistently find bugs; their success points to vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet-related products

A final version of this consumer operating system is expected to be on new systems by late summer

Adds support for Windows 2000; provides a more extensive set of protocols and utilities than predecessor

A summary of significant security patches issued between Mar. 16, 2000 and Apr. 7, 2000

Service Pack 2 rolls up numerous performance and tools fixes and closes some security holes