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Explains the inter-relationship between the different layers of software services--including .NET Mobile Web Controls and the .NET Mobile Web dll extensions to the ASP.NET runtime--used to execute mobile applications on a .NET-enabled Windows 2000 Server

The MSXML MergeModule redistribution package provides MSXML 3.0 in a form that can be redistributed with apps and installed by the Windows Installer

The SDK lets developers introduce cartoon-like character representations into apps; possible uses include training

Customers at North American Starbucks cafes will be able to connect to an MSN-based Internet service through their wireless-enabled laptops

Microsoft is changing its licenses to make it more expensive for businesses to upgrade to a version of Windows 9x/ME than Windows 2000

A class action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination could conceivably involve as many as 400 former and current employees

Microsoft launches a special Web site that helps customers recognize counterfeit software

Microsoft introduces a new file format with improved compression and a Windows Media video player for Pocket PCs

The first beta of Whistler Embedded, a componentized version of the next Windows OS, was released to a select group of third-party developers

The acquisition of Great Plains gives MS a full suite of business apps for both bCentral & direct sales to small to medium-size businesses