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Vendors in nine different application categories honored in annual Microsoft-sponsored contest

A coherent explanation the .NET vision, .NET software platform, and .NET application-hosting business model and how .NET might impact customers, partners, and competitors

Illustrates the inter-relationship between with main elements of the .NET Platform, including the .NET Framework, Windows.NET, .NET Enterprise Servers, .NET building-block services, and developer tools

Illustrates current and future .NET business models

Visual Studio.Net Beta 1, just released, commences Microsoft’s battle against Java to retain developer loyalty

The DoJ antitrust case enters the next phase with Microsoft’s first brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Charts quarterly investment and operations income starting from first fiscal quarter 1998 through Q1 FY2001

Microsoft settles its long-running court battle with temporary workers for US$97 million

Joachim Kempin is stepping down as senior VP of the OEM Division, and Thomas Koll, the VP of the Network Solutions Group, is leaving the company

Microsoft continues to make investments and strategic alliances with both game publishers and hardware suppliers