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Market forces, reflected in a recent earnings warning and a punishing stock slide, have altered Microsoft's priorities and made its investment strategy even more critical

A new standard proposed by Microsoft and others promises to make it easier to incorporate security features, such as digital signatures and encryption, into e-commerce applications

The Business Internet Consortium is the latest industry body formed to propose common B2B standards, particularly standards related to XML

This screenshot of Visual Studio.NET reveals numerous changes to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

'XML for Analysis' specification defines a protocol for client apps to locate, query, and update OLAP databases via SOAP

The next version of Microsoft's Web site creation and management tool enters its second beta

Although would-be Windows NT MCSEs are getting a brief reprieve, Microsoft is adamant about raising the bar for exam and trainer quality as it moves away from Windows NT

The free utility allows operators of datacenter server farms to provide customers with regular reports about hosted app use

Commerce Server 2000 simplifies installation and configuration and offers detailed guidance on managing e-commerce sites

The Business Desk Help file, part of Commerce Server 2000, provides B2C and B2B tutorials, as well as administrative task lists