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The Digital Media business divides into audio download and streaming categories, the latter covering both audio and video

Microsoft added two technologies to its TV platform that allow cable operators to offer Internet access and interactive TV services on the digital set-top boxes already in use rather than require the latest generation technology

The desire to supply thousands of businesses briefly overcame the Sun-Microsoft rivalry, as each company invested US$25 million in BroadBand Office, a company promising to bring turnkey applications and network connectivity to office buildings across the U.S.

Solutions will be Windows 2000-based Web sites that offer retailers online purchasing and hosted vertical applications (such as a work scheduling application, useful for businesses with many staff shifts)

Explains Microsoft's motivation for selling TransPoint, an electronic billing and payment joint venture between Microsoft and First Data Corporation, to CheckFree

In response to litigation and ongoing criticism of Microsoft's workforce practices, temporary contract workers at Microsoft will now be required to take a 100-day break in service after one year at the company

The judge in the Sun Java lawsuit has rejected Microsoft's motion for a summary judgment to allow 'cloning'

Microsoft boosted salaries in an effort to retain existing employees and attract new talent

Expedia has settled a lawsuit filed by Reed Elsevier over alleged misuse of hotel directory information

Newly appointed as senior director for corporate affairs, Tobin will be responsible for the company's federal, state, and local government relations, as well as the Microsoft political action committee