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Top employees get large additional stock option grants and extra generous vacation policy

In-depth look at the DataCenter market, technical features exclusive to the DataCenter version of Windows 2000, hardware manufacturer support, and prospects for success

The deal with ContentGuard will improve the ability of Microsoft's e-commerce platform to protect books, music, video, and software sold over the Internet

Newly released details on Windows 2000's implementation of Kerberos should help other vendors to interoperate

Chances improve that SOAP, a platform-independent remote procedure call protocol and key element in the Windows DNA 2000 platform, will become an industry standard

The formats describe how sales transactions and product prices should be represented in XML

SR1a fixes a bug that caused browsing features to break on some Windows 2000 machines upgraded from Windows NT 4.0

The first update since Office 98 for Macintosh is expected in the second half of 2000

The online version at will help promote the CD-ROM product

Runs the latest version of Windows CE; offers much stronger multimedia support than its Palm rival