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The Web application server architecture is a viable platform for many distributed enterprise applications

List of factors that may impede Exchange 2000 implementations

List of resources associated with Exchange 2000 and Outlook Web Access

Developed from its DealerPoint car sales application, the new service is a sales lead management tool for small businesses; it enables automated tracking of contacts and interactions with customers throughout the sales process

Digital Broadcast Manager (DBM) is a toolkit for building commercial Web sites that distribute digital audio and video in Microsoft's Windows Media Format

As the lengthy Microsoft trial concluded another stage in February, both sides marshaled final arguments

European antitrust regulators are investigating charges that integration between Microsoft's desktop and server operating systems prevents Microsoft desktops from working well with competitor's server products

The injunction requires Microsoft to support some features of Sun's version of Java and to warn developers when they use proprietary features in Microsoft's version

The reorganization creates a new Mobile Services Division and appoints former Visio CEO Jeremy Jaech as vice president of a new Business Tools Division

Diagram illustrates some of the key changes in the area of mobile computing and office