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Azure Managed Disks provide attached storage for Azure VMs with several options to meet size, performance, and redundancy requirements.

Type of supplementary license used to convert a lower-level plan or edition license to a higher level.

Tags: Step-Up

A now defunct SA (Software Assurance) benefit that provided self-paced online courses targeted at end users and IT professionals; replaced by free offerings branded “Microsoft Learn.”

Sidebar compares the differences and similarities of data warehouses, data lakes, and the new architecture called data lakehouses.

Sidebar explains Azure Databricks components and deployment options.

Azure Databricks, an Apache-based analytics platform, introduces SQL-based query and structured data management features to appeal to traditional Microsoft customers.

Exchange Online customers should check for devices and software that depend on Basic Authentication, which Microsoft plans to shut down starting Oct. 1, 2022.

Most often used to describe when individuals or client devices make use of an online service or on-premises server or client software, the relevance being that access usually triggers a licensing requirement.

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Microsoft announced that Linux client management will be added to Intune during 2022, but the initial feature set will be quite limited.

A new Intune capability in preview, called custom compliance, will let conditional access query any Windows configuration setting, and it will be available for Linux soon.