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Azure Purview, in public preview, is a centralized, hosted registry of enterprise data sources that provides database scanning, classification, and data lineage across on-premises and hosted databases to help data governance and compliance.

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Overview of container technology used for server application hosting.

Azure Container Instances enable rapid deployment of containers without having to manage container host infrastructure.

Roadmap for Azure Kubernetes Service.

Azure Container Registry is a managed container registry service, based on the open-source Docker Registry 2.0, that is hosted in Azure.

Azure Cloud Services provides customers with Windows Server VM instances using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.

Azure provides services to filter and monitor network traffic, including firewalls, protection against denial-of-service attacks, and management tools to centralize administration of network security.

Several solutions are available to trigger and schedule job executions using a centralized service running in Azure data centers.

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Azure Batch allows customers to distribute workloads over groups of VMs to leverage Azure's scalability and utility computing model to run tasks that benefit from distributed computing power.

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While most Azure resources and services can be assigned publicly accessible network addresses, multiple services exist to provide customers with secure or dedicated connections to Azure, or to use connectivity through the Microsoft network to connect an organization's branch offices.