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Chart explains the range of reservations available as of Nov. 2021.

Azure savings plan for compute, generally available as of Oct. 2022, could help customers save money on compute, but proceed carefully.

Organizations should carefully evaluate whether they need to have Windows 10 and Windows 11 hybrid domain joined.

Azure SQL Database previews an emulator that can help developers create and test databases locally if they can accept the limitations.

Customers accustomed to System Center for data center management will have to adopt several services to duplicate functionality in Azure, with many capabilities lacking direct analogues.

Timeline shows releases and retirements of Visual Studio versions.

Roadmap for .NET

Roadmap for Office Add-ins, Visual Basic 6.0, and other supported runtimes and APIs.

Roadmap for Visual Studio, Microsoft's integrated development environment for designing, coding, debugging, and testing software.

Roadmap for software that enables software development.