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While on the surface, the instant messaging capabilities of Exchange 2000 and MSN seem similar, under the covers, the two systems are very different

Illustrates the core components of an Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging system and how they interact

Discusses the potential corporate uses for Instant Messaging (IM), Exchange's IM capabilties and architecture, and anticipated future improvements

Illustrates how a Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) based registry could be used to help set up automated business-to-business relationship between two companies

Microsoft is developing country-specific financial tools and additional content for France, Germany, Japan, and the UK

The hosted e-mail service marks the first time MS has acted as an ASP for one of its own packaged products

MSN will let users of its chat rooms listen to songs drawn from 40 different musical genres

Delays with Microsoft’s interactive TV code prompt AT&T Broadband to use Liberate's software for trials

Microsoft gets technology that enhances PC playback of digital audio and expertise on audio player hardware design

A new Visual C++ add-on enables developers to exploit 'multimedia' instructions in recent microprocessors