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Explains why installing new software, updating existing software, or de-installing existing software too often 'breaks' a previously stable system

Block diagram explaining how the different components of Conferencing Server interact with Active Directory, Exchange 2000 Server, DHCP Server, Certificate Server, IIS, and client PCs

The technology, which minimizes common user frustrations such as echo and background noise, will be incorporated into MS products late this year

Explains how pricing models for Microsoft server products have evolved over the years

An overview of the four different pricing models in use for Microsoft server operating systems and serverapplications

The new software allows browser-based access, improved remote server administration, and simplifies the process of deploying "thin client" software onto corporate desktops

SP2 fixes bugs that have plagued SMS 2.0 installations, adds the ability to manage Windows 2000 machines, and allows SMS services to be hosted on Windows 2000 servers

Administrators will be able to spread the six server-based applications contained in the suite over as many as three server machnes

The company's line of server products are now called 'Microsoft Servers' rather than 'BackOffice'

Microsoft's commitment to include Bluetooth support in the "Whistler" release of Windows 2000 is a major boost for this emerging short-range wireless standard