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Illustration shows screenshots of the centrally managed Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server UIs.

: A new feature in preview in Microsoft’s Purview compliance suite enables information protection actions based on automated recognition of risky users.

New features in Azure Cognitive Services Video Indexing service may cause concerns with possible violations of individual privacy.

Connected Excel Tables is a new Power BI feature (in preview) that enables users to import Power BI report data into Excel as a refreshable table.

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An update to the Windows App SDK adds new WinUI support and the ability to reduce the size of .NET-based apps and develop widgets.

Ideas every organization can use from Microsoft’s playbook for protecting against ransomware attacks.

Although Microsoft describes the use of a playbook to help prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks, it chose not to disclose important information that would provide real context.

Most Microsoft products and services can be configured to secure against attack, including ransomware attacks.

Microsoft Syntex uses machine learning to extract information from documents stored in a SharePoint library.

In this Webinar, Barry Briggs examines the much-hyped term “cloud native”, and also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cloud native computing, the Azure technologies Microsoft offers to support it, and a framework to help you decide when it makes sense to build a cloud native application.