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Two new promotions offer inexpensive training and certification for Microsoft consultants and resellers

The upcoming VB 7 will introduce new drag-and-drop tools for building Web applications and add language features to make VB programs more maintainable and scalable

Diagram of the hardware components inside Microsoft's game console

Bill Gates quote

Microsoft has finally released its long-delayed software for server appliances, closed boxes that runs a preinstalled and preconfigured Microsoft build of the Windows NT Embedded operating system

Photograph of Intel's compact server appliance

Microsoft plans to release its new Pocket PC platform no later than June of this year and announced that the platform will run applications formerly available only on the much larger Handheld PCs

Screen shot of the Pocket Internet Explorer (IE), which brings a reasonably full-featured browser to the smallest devices that Microsoft supports

After selling TransPoint to CheckFree, Microsoft will simply provide a Web site linking to CheckFree's back-end technology

An upgraded Passport megaservice will be available in April to third-party Web sites; it will support a 'wallet' that stores e-commerce information, and a Single Sign-In service that avoids the need for users to re-type the same personal info when visiting participating sites