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Illustration shows a chart of components included in the Microsoft 365 Developer Program sandbox, compared with a full E5 subscription.

Roadmap for Windows 10, a major version of the Windows client OS for laptop, desktop, and tablet devices.

Update research digest for March 2023.

Azure services offer the promise of quick deployment and reduced cost, but the allure can be tainted if customers fail to recognize the need for new skills and underestimate the differences between Azure and on-premises.

A high-level summary of cloud services, explaining the differences between infrastructure, platform, software, and management services.

Power Platform services are available for US Government customers, with limitations similar to other services in sovereign clouds.

Overview of Microsoft backup and restore options and recommendations on where to fill gaps with third-party solutions.

Sidebar explains key concepts for backup and restore technologies.

Sidebar discusses considerations when choosing between Microsoft and third-party backup solutions.

Azure private MEC (multi-access edge compute) allows customers to deploy private cellular networks using technologies such as 5G.