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The venture will employ components of the recently announced Microsoft Mobile Explorer (MME) platform, including a microbrowser, and a Windows NT-based backend for delivering messages to wireless systems

Microsoft anticipates that Windows-powered smart cards will allow the company to capture a significant part of an embryonic market that is expected to swell to more than 1.2 billion units by 2001

While Microsoft used the Streaming Media West conference in December to heavily promote its streaming media platform, many of Microsoft's partners are hedging their bets by supporting both Microsoft and RealNetworks formats

Sony has agreed to support Windows Media Technology (WMT), but selected Palm OS over Windows CE for future portable devices

Microsoft has developed its own 'X-Box' console to go head-to-head with Nintendo and Sony

The deal makes MSNBC more attractive as a potential spin-off at a time of rising speculation that the NBC broadcast network itself could be for sale

MSN's eShop online mall added a much-needed search engine

For US$165 a month per workstation on a three-year contract, Centerbeam promises clients a turnkey, fully managed network based on Windows 2000