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The new Bing conversational GPT-4-based search is slow and can give misleading answers.

Chart summarizes differences among Web and mobile clients from Microsoft for Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Chart summarizes differences among desktop clients from Microsoft for Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Office 365, which performs additional filtering of mail that has been filtered by Exchange Online Protection. and addresses some types of threats in documents outside of e-mail.

Roadmap for Azure Active Directory (AAD, sometimes called Azure AD), which is a Microsoft-hosted directory service that provides identity and access management for Office 365, Intune, and other online services.

Intune (officially named Microsoft Intune) is a Microsoft-hosted service that provides mobile device management (MDM) and application management for all major mobile device platforms, as well as Windows 10/11 and macOS.

Roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, which is a Microsoft-hosted service that is part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite of hosted services. It is designed to help customers discover how third-party cloud applications are being used within their business and potentially control cloud application usage. A reduced functionality edition of the service, Office 365 CAS, is available with premium-tier subscriptions to Office 365.

Roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Identity, a Microsoft-hosted service that captures, parses, and analyzes traffic of key unencrypted network protocols. It examines authentication, authorization, and other activities for indicators of potentially suspicious behavior by a user or on a device within an organization.

Roadmap for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, a Microsoft-hosted service that integrates with the Microsoft Defender Antivirus software built into Windows and adds endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to discover and defend against evolving attacks against Windows.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Endpoint Protection offer different capabilities for managing client devices. This chart offers a high-level comparison of the two tiers of the hosted service and the on-premises product.