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Roadmap for Azure Static Web Apps service.

Azure Communications Services offers video and voice calling (over IP), SMS text, and chat services that developers can build into applications hosted on Azure or elsewhere.

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is an Azure-hosted service that can help customers discover, remediate, and monitor user and workload identities to ensure that permissions have not been applied overly broadly. The service can help multicloud customers assess the state of permissions whether resources are running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure.

Roadmap for Azure Data Lake, a Microsoft cloud service for analyzing Big Data.

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Roadmap for Azure Machine Learning.

Roadmap for Azure Functions.

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Discussion of Azure App Service.

Chart describes the Windows Server Roles supported for use in Azure VMs

Production Use of Microsoft Server Applications in Azure Virtual Machines.

Roadmap for Azure Monitor.

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