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Kaizala, Microsoft’s group-messaging service offered in emerging markets and targeted at frontline workers, will be retired on Aug. 31, 2023.

Tags: Teams

Chart shows Microsoft technologies for long-lived collaboration spaces with Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft development efforts.

Update research digest for October 2022.

Timeline shows upcoming version releases and support retirements for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus), Office Standard, and Office Professional Plus suites.

Report explains Microsoft’s Customer Experience and Customer Data Platforms.

Roadmap for Microsoft Lists, a set of information-tracking applications based on SharePoint lists.

Roadmap for additional services within the Viva suite that are in preview or announced for future availability.

Roadmap for several business applications aimed at small organizations but available in Office 365 Enterprise plans.

Roadmap for software and online services for project management and project portfolio management.

Roadmap for Windows 10, a major version of the Windows client OS for laptop, desktop, and tablet devices.