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Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows client OS.

Lists all the timelines available as part of the Licensing Reference Set

Roadmap for Microsoft Planner, a Microsoft-hosted, lightweight task-management tool that can help organize and track small projects, such as departmental initiatives.

Tags: Planner

Roadmap for Visio software, which enables users to create and share business and technical diagrams.

Tags: Visio, Visio

Roadmaps for Exchange & Outlook software.

Roadmap for To Do, a Microsoft-hosted, personal task management application, available in most Office 365 plans.

Tags: To-Do, Planner

Label for technologies (data management, back-end report and data hosting platforms, report design tools, and client interfaces and applications) which are used collectively to build business intelligence (BI) solutions; licensed through User SL (Subscription Licenses) and capacity-based licenses.

Tags: Power BI

A free-to-download Windows desktop design tool that is the primary method for creating Power BI reports and datasets, shared via Power BI back-end platforms.

A component of SQL Server that enables customers to host and share Power BI reports on-premises and reduces the need to license individual users; licensed via SA-covered SQL Server Enterprise core licenses or via Power BI Premium P subscriptions.

A Power BI back-end platform targeting scenarios with moderate data volume, data refresh, and query response requirements; both report consumption and report creation licensed via User SLs.

Tags: Power BI