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Deciphering which features are available in Microsoft 365 Government can be challenging.

Chart shows a simple score assigned by Directions on Microsoft for the breadth of features offered by Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to each supported platform.

Chart shows the edition of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 available with each of the four Microsoft 365 suites for enterprises.

Sidebar describes the limitations of the Power Platform available to Microsoft 365 Government customers.

Chart describes the compliance commitments Microsoft makes with each level of Microsoft 365 Government service

Illustration compares technical feature and use right differences across Windows 10 /11 Pro, Windows 10 / 11 Enterprise Per Device, and Windows 10 / 11 Enterprise E3 & E5.

Two versions of the Exchange Online PowerShell module, which enables scripted management of Exchange Online tenants, will retire in 2022

Roadmap for Exchange Online, a Microsoft-hosted messaging and collaboration service that shares technology with the Exchange Server software.

Microsoft has three new paid security services that could help identify potential attackers and threats, secure endpoints, and detect and respond to attacks on SAP infrastructure.

Power Apps, Power Automate, and other services will roll out improvements on a six-month roadmap cycle.