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Microsoft is increasingly emphasizing a hybrid strategy for its data-center management tools, with on-premises tools offering more integration with Azure services, and Azure-hosted services adding capabilities to manage on-premises resources.

An update to the Windows Package Manager is generally available.

A good app store can attract developers and users to a platform, but poorly curated stores can create security risks and dissatisfaction for the platform.

Integration of the Microsoft Store with Intune and Endpoint Manager will eventually support the Microsoft Store and private repositories.

No private application repository option has yet appeared to replace Windows Store for Business, which will become unsupported for Windows 10 devices in early 2023.

A new Azure Update management center in preview can manage updates for Windows Server and Linux server OSs on Azure VMs and Azure Arc enabled servers.

Screenshot shows the overview dashboard of Azure Update management, which helps administrators manage Windows and Linux server OS updates.

Azure Monitor, a critical service for monitoring and diagnosing Azure deployments, has received updates that could improve processes and affect costs.

Using Windows devices in scenarios in which they will be shared among multiple users requires forethought to minimize friction for users.

Sidebar describes considerations about how users will authenticate to Windows shared devices and applications running on them.