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Roadmap for Cache for Redis, an in-memory caching service that stores copies of application data on multiple servers, providing fast, scalable access to data by Web applications.

Roadmap for Azure Event Grid.

Roadmap for Azure Analysis Services, a Microsoft-hosted analytics service based on SQL Server Analysis Services that provides business intelligence (BI) semantic modeling.

Roadmap for Azure Data Lake Analytics, a hosted analytics service that is part of the Azure Data family.

Roadmap for Azure Import Export, a Microsoft service for transferring data between Azure and on-premises, using customer-supplied hardware.

Roadmap for Azure SQL Database, a multitenant relational database management service hosted in Azure.

Roadmap for Azure Synapse Analytics (previously SQL Data Warehouse), a multipurpose analytics and data warehouse service designed for organizations with SQL Server and Apache Spark skills.

Roadmap for Azure SQL Server Stretch Database, a hosted data storage service used with on-premises SQL Server to store historic or rarely used data in Azure.

Roadmap for Azure Cosmos DB, a hosted NoSQL (Not only SQL) and relational offering that supports multiple data models and provides global scaling.

Tags: Cosmos DB

Roadmap for Azure HDInsight, a multipurpose Hadoop platform, similar to an on-premises deployment.

Tags: HDInsight