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Brief quote from Bill Gates

Brief overview of Windows 2000's Encrypting File System

Power management, plug and play and other improvements in hardware support make Windows 2000 superior to Windows NT 4.0

An improved Connection Wizard and the ability to set network hardware settings separately for each type of network connection makes Windows 2000 better than predecessors

Diagrams how Windows 2000 simplifies laptop maintenance by moving power management/plug and play functions into the operating system

Summary of the benefits power management and plug and play bring to laptop users

Windows 2000 provides built-in support for several kinds of devices that NT 4.0 ignored such as infrared link protocols, as well as external buses such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) and IEEE 1394 'Firewire'

Manufacturers implement a variety of power-saving states in laptops and call them by a variety of names; some frequently implemented states are outlined in this chart

How Windows 2000 simplifies synchronization both for files and for settings (application preferences, network configuration, desktop layout, etc.)

Screen shot of Windows 2000 Explorer, which lets users select files and folders to make available offline