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Windows 2000 Professional introduces a Synchronization Manager utility to control synchronization of files and application data

Data synchronization supports two main uses of laptops--taking shared data on the road, and switching between laptop and desktop

Windows 2000 includes a new service for installing and managing applications, called the Windows Installer (formerly the Microsoft Installer, code-named Darwin)

Factors for deciding whether or not to upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional from Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0

Additional sources of information about Windows 2000 Professional as a laptop operating system

Settling a suit that seemed relatively weak compared to the DoJ's, Microsoft avoids further legal torture. The outcome could mark a turning point in the company's attitude

Bill Gates moves aside to concentrate on technology strategy. Steve Ballmer now has final responsibility for all business decisions

Arguing that it has broken no laws, Microsoft says it was legitimately protecting its intellectual property. In the browser market, Microsoft says it was merely ensuring competition

Once again, quarterly earnings exceeded analyst expectations. Despite all the talk of the 'impending decline of the PC era,' the Microsoft money-making machine proceeds unabated

Compares key financial measurements for the second quarter of fiscal year 1999 through the second quarter of fiscal 2000