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Windows 2000 Professional introduces a Synchronization Manager utility to control synchronization of files and application data

Data synchronization supports two main uses of laptops--taking shared data on the road, and switching between laptop and desktop

Windows 2000 includes a new service for installing and managing applications, called the Windows Installer (formerly the Microsoft Installer, code-named Darwin)

Factors for deciding whether or not to upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional from Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0

Additional sources of information about Windows 2000 Professional as a laptop operating system

Bloodied in its effort to own the palm, Microsoft is moving forward with a new strategy: the pocket

Under the new rules, Microsoft should be able to export all products with strong encryption enabled, except to seven countries considered state sponsors of terrorism

The Macintosh has regained relevance as a consumer PC thanks to the popular iMac line, and Microsoft now sees it as a testing ground for features that might make it into future Windows releases of MS products

The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription program has increased the frequency of disc shipments from quarterly to monthly and dropped subscription discounts for Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs)

Microsoft has released the U.S. versions of TaxSaver, a PC tax preparation product