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NTLMv2 strengthens encryption of passwords sent over the network, making them less vulnerable to password cracking tools

Compares the capability of Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 Pro clients to query and update information in Windows 2000's Active Directory and run Windows 2000's enhanced network protocols

Free Windows 2000 upgrade offered to recent purchasers of Windows NT; Microsoft licensed FastLane's technology for migration from Netware to Windows 2000; recommended Windows 2000 Server RAM configuration raised to 256MB

Summary of security patches issued between Dec. 10, 1999, and Jan. 21, 2000

The white paper covers Microsoft Metadirectory Services (MMS), an unannounced product built on technology from metadirectory specialist ZOOMIT, which Microsoft acquired in July 1999

Microsoft has joined a new industry forum to promote public key infrastructure (PKI) technology for network security

Settling a suit that seemed relatively weak compared to the DoJ's, Microsoft avoids further legal torture. The outcome could mark a turning point in the company's attitude

Bill Gates moves aside to concentrate on technology strategy. Steve Ballmer now has final responsibility for all business decisions

Arguing that it has broken no laws, Microsoft says it was legitimately protecting its intellectual property. In the browser market, Microsoft says it was merely ensuring competition

Once again, quarterly earnings exceeded analyst expectations. Despite all the talk of the 'impending decline of the PC era,' the Microsoft money-making machine proceeds unabated