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CE Studio 3.0 is a toolkit that enables developers to write Windows CE applications on a Windows NT 4.0 workstation

This allows users of non-Windows clients (such as handheld devices and dedicated terminals) to work with applications originally written for Windows PCs

Winstar is the largest holder of broadband fixed wireless spectrum, with licenses in the top 60 U.S. markets and in 10 international markets

Microsoft has invested US$30 million in Intervu, a company that offers technology, infrastructure, and services to speed and smooth the delivery of streaming audio and video over the Internet

Pressing forward in its quest to promote MSN as an ISP as well as a portal, Microsoft has signed new agreements with leading bricks-and-mortar retailers including Best Buy, Office Depot, and OfficeMax

With support from the music industry, RealNetworks is suing Streambox, a company that makes technology for converting RealAudio files to other formats--notably Microsoft's--and provides extra streaming functionality to users

Lastest news on Expedia, Hotmail, MSN portals, bCentral, and Web search technology

Windows 2000 will drive a massive retraining effort. Current MCSEs must recertify or lose their certification. As a result, training budgets will be hard hit

Lists the number of people with various forms of Microsoft certifications

Microsoft wages a constantly evolving war against software pirates. To counter piracy, the company is preparing technological innovations that customers will begin to see in 2000