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Power Platform services are available for US Government customers, with limitations similar to other services in sovereign clouds.

Overview of Microsoft backup and restore options and recommendations on where to fill gaps with third-party solutions.

Sidebar explains key concepts for backup and restore technologies.

Sidebar discusses considerations when choosing between Microsoft and third-party backup solutions.

Azure private MEC (multi-access edge compute) allows customers to deploy private cellular networks using technologies such as 5G.

Outlines major changes to the Core Infrastructure Server Suite’s license model and rules, edition lineup, and pricing.

A license model exclusive to Windows Server that requires core licenses to be assigned to servers (with an option to choose between two allocation methods) and CALs (Client Access Licenses) to users or access devices.

A license model exclusive to System Center products (and Advanced Threat Analytics) that requires managed servers and clients to be licensed with Server MLs (Management Licenses) and Client MLs respectively.

Outlines major changes to System Center’s license model and rules, edition lineup, and pricing

Illustration shows architecture of an Azure private MEC solution for a private cellular network.