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An edition of Windows 10/11 designed for compute-intensive workloads that sits between Windows Pro and Windows Enterprise in the edition line-up; distributed exclusively through retail and OEM channels.

A Per-Device perpetual license for Windows Pro that comes with new PCs; the main business-focused Windows client OS edition available through the OEM channel.

A Per-Device license providing the right to install and run on the PC (or Mac) the latest version of Windows Pro as of the time of license purchase.

A Microsoft-hosted service that provides key infrastructure for managing server-based desktops running within VMs hosted on Azure; its use is covered via Windows Enterprise- and RDS-related user licenses, plus ongoing service fees for the Azure VMs, storage, networks, and other infrastructure that hosts desktops and user data. Renamed, See Azure Virtual Desktop for in-depth entry.

Refers to certain scenarios involving public-facing Windows Server-based websites licensed via volume licensing programs where client access is “free,” meaning neither Windows Server CALs (client access licenses) nor External Connectors are required.

Deciphering which features are available in Microsoft 365 Government can be challenging.

Chart shows a simple score assigned by Directions on Microsoft for the breadth of features offered by Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to each supported platform.

Chart shows the edition of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 available with each of the four Microsoft 365 suites for enterprises.

The highest (most feature-laden) edition of the Windows client OS; distributed exclusively through volume licensing programs with both Per-Device and Per-User licensing options available.

Per-Device licenses that provide the right to install and run Windows Enterprise edition on the licensed PC; licenses with SA (Software Assurance) coverage also provide access to the OS running within on-premises server-hosted virtual desktops.