Azure SQL Database

Chart compares Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance capacities, limits, and storage types.

Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance storage costs can easily surpass compute costs, requiring more planning to create realistic budgets.

Options exist for organizations to reduce costs on long-running Azure SQL workloads.

SQL Database Hyperscale is a large database deployment offering that supports databases up to 100TB; currently limited to single databases but more deployment options are planned.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse's reserved capacity offering discounts the compute costs of the service in exchange for a one- or three-year commitment

Azure SQL Database provides several migration and pricing options that will interest customers considering using the service

Options exist for organizations to reduce costs on Azure SQL Databases running extended workloads.

Several options exist for organizations to reduce the cost of running Azure VMs for extended periods of time

Sidebar explains service tiers and license models for the Azure SQL Database service