SharePoint Online

Chart illustrates collaboration services that are part of Microsoft 365, and where they are most effective.

Microsoft 365 collaboration services vary in scope and suitability to task.

SharePoint Syntex tags SharePoint content with the assistance of machine learning models.

Illustration shows a screen shot of Microsoft Lists running within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Lists extends SharePoint lists technology to Web-based, mobile, and Teams apps.

SharePoint Online is improving existing features and introducing new capabilities.

Illustration shows a screen shot of a Topic Page in Project Cortex, the code name for an Office 365 service that offers automatic metadata tagging of documents and other content sources.

The SharePoint Managed Metadata Service is being updated and expanded to prepare for the Project Cortex document tagging service.

The SharePoint Framework lets customers choose from several tools to build on-premises and online customizations.

Project Cortex is an upcoming Office 365 service that automatically tags content and classifies it into topics.