SharePoint Online

Screen shot shows a SharePoint Online communications site running on a desktop and on a mobile device.

Chart lists SharePoint site types (Online and on-premises) and Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft investment in each site type.

SharePoint Online is improving existing features and introducing new capabilities.

When upgrading older SharePoint Server sites, technology and licensing trade-offs will affect the choice of destination.

Chart shows Microsoft technologies for long-lived collaboration spaces with Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft development efforts.

Many collaboration features of Office 365 have been replaced or enhanced by functionality based on Office 365 Groups.

On-premises SharePoint sites may encounter incompatibilities when migrated to SharePoint Online

Screenshot shows classic and modern SharePoint library interfaces

Illustration shows the new Bing user interface to the upgraded Office 365 search engine, which is rolling out to tenants in Apr. 2019

Organizations unable to move to SharePoint Online can use some of its features in conjunction with SharePoint Server