SharePoint Online

A new 3D virtual reality environment for SharePoint Online is in preview

New SharePoint Migration and Assessment tools can simplify migrations to SharePoint Online, but complex migrations require additional work

Office 365 services will require Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or later encrypted connections starting Oct. 31, 2018.

An update for SharePoint Server 2016 brings some online features to the on-premises software, but features continue to diverge

SharePoint Online permits several levels of external user participation, but organizations should be aware of both technical and data security factors

A new SharePoint Online feature lets users quickly create full-featured announcement sites for companies

New and existing features of SharePoint Online now rely on other Office 365 services, which could make full compatibility with SharePoint on-premises impossible

Roadmap for the many collaboration features of Microsoft 365 that are being replaced or enhanced by functionality based on Microsoft 365 Groups.

Roadmap for SharePoint Online, a hosted Office 365 service that delivers team collaboration, corporate portal hosting, enterprise search, and content management.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online users will no longer be able to create new Access Services databases as of June 2017, and existing databases will be shut down by Apr. 2018