SharePoint Online

Built-in Office 365 data retention policies may minimize an organization's inadvertent data loss risks and improve regulatory compliance, but service retention and deletion rules are inconsistent

Roadmap for SharePoint Server and related Web collaboration software and features.

A new customization framework for SharePoint Online that supports client-side extensions to pages has been released for production use

SharePoint Online will stop supporting the Site Mailbox feature, and customers should migrate to other solutions

Chart shows Microsoft technologies for long-lived collaboration spaces with Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft development efforts

Office 365 and other Microsoft-hosted services are taking over many tasks currently handled by SharePoint Server on-premises and are signaling the end of some SharePoint technologies

Several updates to SharePoint Online, in preview or available now, improve the service's user interface, mobile applications, and integration with Office 365

Older SharePoint Online sites that use must migrate to by 2017

SharePoint Online will be integrating more closely with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory, which could eventually affect SharePoint Server on-premises

SharePoint Online will no longer support code-based solutions running in a sandbox, and customers must migrate to other solutions