Windows 10

The Microsoft Managed Desktop service has Microsoft manage an organization’s desktop PCs for a fee. The service could be interesting to some organizations but has significant limitations and strict dependencies.

Sidebar describes Microsoft’s history with Unix and Linux.

Version 2 of the Windows Subsystem for Linux features support for developing, testing, and running Linux apps and, in Windows 11, for Linux GUIs.

Customers running Windows and Office on dedicated hardware in Amazon, Google, or Alibaba may need to consider migrating to Azure.

Apple’s adoption of standard image formats offers efficient storage with high quality, but lack of support on Windows introduces challenges.

Illustration compares features of Windows 10 offerings that target organizations.

A new Windows Update for Business deployment service is intended to help organizations more easily deploy updates to Windows 10 endpoints but has high technical and licensing requirements.

Azure Active Directory now supports three scenarios where users no longer need to use passwords to authenticate, which could save them time, while improving security.

Macs with Apple’s ARM processors will cause one-time launch delays for optimization of Office; however, Windows cannot be used on these systems at all.

The Surface Hub 2S 85-inch model is available for pre-order, and OS updates will soon be available for all supported devices.