Windows 10
In this webinar, Michael Cherry and Wes Miller explain the new tools and processes organizations need to keep up with the monthly quality updates and semi-annual feature updates required by Windows 10.

Windows 10 version 1803 delivers improvements of interest to organizations impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation

Windows 10 is available in an increasing range of editions, each of which adds additional features to the edition below it

Timeline shows release and retirement dates for the Windows client OS for enterprises

Eight different subscriptions license Windows 10 Enterprise and provide use rights necessary to fully exploit it.

New tools provide a glimpse into the Windows 10 telemetry data collected by and for Microsoft

Microsoft uses telemetry, or diagnostic data, to improve Windows 10 and determine how and when new versions (feature updates) and monthly quality updates should be delivered to users' devices

Screen shot shows the Windows 10 Diagnostic Data Viewer

Windows Information Protection may help protect the dissemination of some proprietary and confidential information, but it only works on Windows 10 devices

Some third-party antivirus software could prevent Windows installations from receiving security updates