Windows 10

Changes to telemetry data collection in Windows 10 version 1703 appear to address privacy concerns under existing EU regulations

Chart shows basic responsibilities and steps to use Windows AutoPilot Deployment Service to setup and configure Windows 10 on a user's new device

Improved communication from Microsoft to ISVs who provide antimalware applications for Windows 10 will also help other ISVs and enterprise developers

A new edition of Windows 10 addresses compute- and throughput-intensive workloads that currently require using Windows Server as a desktop OS

Chart details Windows 10 versions with a general availability and end-of-support date

Roadmap for Windows 10 versions shows organizations should begin preparing to test and deploy new Windows versions before Windows 7 end of support

A single Semi-Annual Channel replaces the former Current Branch and Current Branch for Business, leaving final deployment decisions up to each organization

Defender improvements address protection, detection, and response to advanced persistent threats, but may cost more for full coverage and management

Illustration shows which Windows Defender features help prevent, detect, and respond to malware and advanced threats

Windows 10 semiannual version releases mean organizations need to adapt how they test and deploy Windows 10 to ensure uninterrupted support