Windows 10
This Webinar provides an overview of the cost and risks of remaining on Windows 7 and important factors organizations should consider when planning a migration to Windows 10.

With Windows 10, organizations must choose an edition and a support branch

Several options are available to connect users to Windows when they are away from their work PC

Customers may need to change their firewall allowed sites to remain protected by an important addition to antimalware products

Changes to the public Windows Store and the organization-curated Windows Store for Business will affect how users acquire Windows applications

Services and tools that enable building intelligent agents, using speech recognition, and integrating with Microsoft's big data stores could help developers create natural language user interfaces

Timeline shows anticipated Windows 10 release and retirement schedule

Chart shows Windows features that rely on the Trusted Platform Module 2.0, which is why it is mandated for new devices under the Windows Hardware Certification program

The next major feature upgrade to Windows 10 will arrive in Q3 of 2016—marking the first anniversary of the OS's general availability

Illustration shows the effect of the Anniversary Update on the service support branches for Windows 10